ESR037 – RM530

Premium Red PU Leather Magazine Basket
Imported Turkish Handpainted Coasters 3pcs
Swiss Lindt Lindor Chocolates 200g
Aurora Assortment Turkish Delights 350g
Starbucks Premium Mix Latte Sachet 56g
Homemade Mak Ngah Kek Kukus 500g
Premium Mixed Nuts 250g
Katetong Keju Special 200g
Biskut Raya Tart Nenas 300g
Native 100% Olive Oil 200ml
Dried Mango Slices 200g
Damas Buttery Pistachio Cookies 200g
Festive Finishing with Gold Magnolias Flowers 1pc
Festive Ribbon & Gift Card

*In the event that any product/basket becomes unavailable we will swap it for a similar item of equal or greater value.